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Booking your hotel

Dakoutros Travel can book your hotel accommodation anywhere in Santorini. For travelers planning to tour in Greece, we can arrange connecting flight and ferries as well as your follow-on accommodation.

Tzekos Villas


Tzekos Villas in Santorini is built on the edge of the Caldera opposite the Volcano. Situated in Fira, capital of the island, the hotel has has a fabulous view of the sunset and small volcanic islands. Tzekos Villas has a private pool perched at the cliff edge. The rooms have individual colour schemes, and the hotel is located on the Caldera path, 150 meters from the shops and famous Gold Street ...

Anamnesis City Spa Hotel



Anamnesis City Spa Hotel in Santorini sits high up on the hill overlooking Fira town. The hotel offers a panoramic view of Santorini's east coast. Accommodation types include rooms and maisonnettes. The maisonettes have 2 bedrooms, one of them in a loft. Located 200 meters from the main square in Fira. Reasonable prices and an excellent position makes Horizon the ideal holiday choice ...